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The AstroPoint Rules

Free registration – no membership fees!

Complete the registration form and return it to us.

To make your partnership analysis we need the exact dates of birth like date, hour, minute, place and country. If you do not know your hour of birth, you can still take part in our partnership analysis but it will not be possible to consider all astrological aspects.

Of course, your dates are treated strictly confidential. Only the calculated astrological partner-analysis will be visible without showing the birth dates.

Immediately you will receive an email confirmation with your access-data.

With these access-data (user-id and password) you have to log in the membership-area and activate your account.

After activation, you are partaking in our special AstroPoint program to find the ideal partnership.

In the members area you can choose under the following options:

  • modify your personal data
  • Passwort ändern
  • change password
  • Premium Dates
  • Logout
  • finish membership

In the free dates area you can see a list of all matching astrological partners and make analysis based on the astrological data.

Partners that logged in during the last 72 hours can you contact directly through the website.

The Free Dates area is financed through publicity. To contact all astrological partners immediately and without publicity, you need to be a Premium-member.

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